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Company Background

IMS has been providing materials measurement solutions since 1984.  Between 1987 and 2007 our products were sold by a major US instrument manufacturer.  In 2007 we sold the software to that manufacturer.  Details for the sale included a non-compete clause.  The non-compete is now over and we are back providing innovative solutions to your materials measurement needs.  













Our first product (IMS-001) allows the evaluation of the electromagnetic properties of materials in the 10 MHz to 1 THz frequency using transmission line measurements.  The transmission line can be coaxial, waveguide or free-space.  A free-space measurement is where the material sample is placed between two antennas.  The product provides all the commonly used measurement models.  Many of these were developed and published by us.  Our plans are to add additional models that we are developing.  Our new product differs from the approach we used in the past in that all the functionally is included in a dynamic link library (dll).  This allows the user to use the platform of their choice.  The dll can be used with LABVIEW, MATLAB, Visual C++ , VEE and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) ™.  The product comes with a fully functional and supported VBA™ compatible with Microsoft™ Excel™ (shown above).  The product allows the measurement to be fully defined.  A choice of several free-space calibrations is included.  The VBA code can be edited to provide alternative parameters, operator instructions, printing formats and special storage requirements.  For pricing, training and delivery information please contact us.  We can also provide general information, reference publications and contacts for vector network analyzers and measurement fixtures.

If you have an interest in making material measurements using resonant structures, probes above 50 GHz or probes of your design please contact us.